Starting A Youtube Channel Is Changing My Life

Lessons, Vision, Growth and Goals!

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3 min readApr 16


A thumbnail from one of my youtube videos

No. I’m not making any life changing money yet, but starting a youtube channel is already paying off.

It’s teaching me so many things about myself and helping me grow in various ways.

To be honest, I needed it — it’s time to expand myself.

Lessons so far:

1. Teaching me to get out of my comfort zone

Starting a youtube channel is teaching me to overcome certain limiting thoughts and beliefs I had about myself, and challenging me to do the uncomfortable.

Ultimately, my goal is to become more confident in front of the camera, because I dislike being infont of the camera.

2. Challenging me to get creative

The process of putting a video together is very interesting.

It involves deciding and bringing various elements together in harmony, including:

  • Shots
  • Transitions
  • Music /Sounds
  • Effects
  • Designing thumbnails
  • Captions

Bringing together these various elements to create a coherent piece of work or artwork is challenging, and at the same time, exciting!

I’m enjoying the process so far.

3. Teaching me to get much more comfortable with myself on camera and being ok with being perceived:

I’ve always thought of myself as a shy person.

I hate being seen or perceived. When I was a child I wished I was invisible.

In my adult years, I’ve come across the idea that shyness is just a consequence of poor confidence and low self esteem.

Starting a youtube channel is a step to overcoming those aspects of myself.

I want to learn to be ok being seen and perceived, flaws and all!

5. Overcoming the need for perfection!



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