One major reason why you might want to write and post to Medium every day.

Surprise yourself.

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2 min readOct 19, 2021


Over a month ago, I was inspired by other writers on Medium to embark on my own 31-days writing challenge.

What did I hope to get out of the challenge?

  • Consistency and Discipline
  • A commitment to finally taking my writing seriously. Because my life and livelihood literally now depend on me being good at it, and doing it for a living.
  • A body of work to create a writing portfolio with
  • To see what the end results would be like.

Was I Successful?

Yes, to a large extent. I missed a couple of writing days because I got burnt out and came down with the flu.

However, I made up for those missed days by writing multiple entries on certain days.

What did the challenge do for me?

  • I experienced tremendous growth as a writer and a newbie to this writing platform.
  • I’m now a faster writer. I went from spending the whole day writing a single article, to writing multiple articles in a matter of hours. Eg. This is my fourth article for today, and the sun hasn't even set yet.
  • Surprise! Surprise! I’m actually enjoying the process of channeling my thoughts into written words.
  • My stats on Medium also grew exponentially. ( I went from 10 followers to 157 followers in about a month. I also went from 5 views to 1800 views in a month)
  • It gave me the confidence to step fully into my identity as a writer. I am no longer an aspiring writer, but a writer who shows up each day, with the intention of writing my ass off, for a living.

If I had to choose ONE word to summarize what my takeaway was from the experience, it would be GROWTH.

Growth as a person, writer, and medium newbie.

My recent personal achievement has inspired me to take my writing journey to the next level.

I’m proud to announce that, I’ve currently shifted my goal to, writing five pieces each day, for the next 31 days.

Am I insane?

Who wants to join me?

Join me, or wish me luck!

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