I Was Surprised By How Much I Earned During My 4-Month Break From Medium

Passive income is possible on Medium.

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After one year of writing consistently on Medium, I gained confidence as a writer to branch away from the platform.

Within the past four months, I have pretty-much been absent from the platform because of opportunities that opened up to me, all because I started writing here.

While I was away, I was surprised to discover I still earned passive income from the platform.

I noticed my old articles, written ages ago were still continuing to earn. I also continued to earn money monthly from the referral program.

It was a true taste of passive income. The feeling of earning from past work feels rewarding in an interesting way.

I earned a total of $144.98 in four months of writing only 6 articles.

I’m grateful for the amount of money that continues to trickle in.

What lessons I’m taking away from this experience?

Medium is a viable way to make passive income.

As long as you continue to build on your catalog of articles, you’ll continue to earn long-term in the future even when you take breaks away from the platform.

It takes intentionality to start writing here again after long breaks.

After taking such a long break, I’m learning to get back into the groove of writing on here again. I thinking and reflecting on how I can continue to give value to my community.

Personal Note to Self — Continue writing.

No matter how long you stay away from writing on Medium. Always make the effort to come back here to keep writing. Writing on here consistently for one year turned me into a writer. Who knows what other doors may open or what other goals I may achieve through writing here?

The possibilities are endless.

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