How To Know If You’re Toxic?

It’s not always them, sometimes it's you!

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“Cut that toxic bitch off!”

But…what if you’re THAT toxic bitch?

What if you’re even toxic to yourself?

How can you spot this about yourself?

How to know if you’re toxic to others and yourself?

1. Your base frequency is fear and negativity.

You’re afraid of everything.

You think of the worst things that can happen in life, before the best things.

If this is you, watch yourself and the essence of the thoughts you share with others.

You could be constantly spreading your fear and negativity to friends and family without being fully aware.

2. You don’t practice self-awareness.

You don’t practice introspection, self-observation, or any kind of awareness that sheds more light on the ‘SELF’ and how the self interacts with its environment and the world.

For example, you could be interacting with the world with a small ego, which always makes you feel less than and insecure around others.

Or, operating with a very large ego, which makes you feel superior to others.

Your lack of self-awareness can create situations where you’re toxic to yourself, and simultaneously, creating toxic situations for others.

3. You never acknowledge the role you play in making things happen in your reality.

You always only acknowledge the role others play in causing your own pain and misery.

You never take responsibility for the role you play in the co-creation of your own reality.

This leaves you constantly feeling like a victim, and constantly at the mercy of others.

4. You’re not connected to your feelings and emotions.

You pride yourself in not being in touch with your feelings.



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