Ex-Vegan: Is there a vegan agenda no one wants to talk about?

Let’s talk.

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2 min readOct 19, 2021


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After being vegan for roughly two years, my eyes started to open to the pitfalls and aspects of this lifestyle, many vegans shy away from talking about.

One major issue people avoid thinking or talking about is, how large food corporations have taken over veganism, and used it to promote their own agenda of selling “fake artificial food”.

Yes, it’s true.

Look around you. These days, even popular fast-food chains like Mcdonald's have their own versions of meatless “beyond-meat” fake meat- like burgers.

What do vegans think these corporations are feeding them?

Real food?

Certainly not!

These fake meats these corporations are pushing out are very problematic! And would have dire health consequences for regular consumers in the future!

These large food corporations are only out to make a profit, and therefore cannot be entrusted to push the health aspect of the veganism narrative.

Don’t be fooled.

They are simply re-packaging toxic substances and chemicalized concoctions under the guise of creating artificial meat.

So absolutely, there is a vegan agenda. Especially, by these mainstream large corporations who want to move populations away from eating real food to eating fake chemicalized creations.

If you are vegan, you need to stay clear from these artificial meats. Unless you’re home making these meat substitutes yourself.

Here is a homemade meat recipe I have on one of my youtube channels.

If you’re on the search for a healthy homemade meat substitute, you can try this free recipe:

So what do you think?

Is there a vegan agenda?

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