Darkness, Depression, and Spiritual Awakenings.

The Untold Truths That Come With Spiritual Awakening.

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Darkness always comes before the Light.

Without Darkness, there is no light.

Out of darkness, light emerges to bring contrast to the intensity and depth of darkness.

Darkness gives meaning to light.

Darkness is Powerful.

Whether you believe in the Biblical account of creation or believe in the big bang theory, the consensus remains the same. Science, Spirituality, and Religion all agree that the world was enveloped by total piercing darkness before it was lit into existence.

In all creation accounts, darkness proceeds creation.

For plants to grow and bloom into strong, sturdy, fruitful, trees, their seeds have to be submerged and buried in the somber darkness of the earth. Deep in rich dark soil and allowed to germinate in the silence of total darkness.

Darkness is magical.

Look at you. Before you showed up here on earth, you spent approximately 9 months -/+being formed within the darkness of your mother's cosmic womb.

Out of the darkness, you came, and out of darkness, you’ll most likely return.

Darkness is like the prologue to creation.

What is a Spiritual Awakening?

A spiritual awakening is akin to a second re-birth.

When you were born, you exited the darkness of your mothers womb to be introduced you to the light of the world and the physical material world.

Your spiritual awakening is your second re-birth: the process awakens you to the spiritual dimension of the physical reality you walked into at birth.

Spiritual awakenings are often preceded by mental, emotional, psychological, and spiritual darkness that can engulf your whole life, and manifest itself as depression.

Spiritual awakenings are often brutal and painful because this dark depressing chapter of your life can seem like an impossible task to get through.



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