Me in one of my favorite places in the world, my bed!

Welcome to the Wellness Xplora’s World!

Who am I?

I’m a Gemini.

A closet dancer.

A foodie.

A thinker, and over-thinker.

An explorer

A writer.

A creative.

A seeker.

A traveler.

A freelance writer and content creator.

An African woman.

Born and raised in Ghana.

I love — history, philosophy, religion, spirituality, African…

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“Cut that toxic bitch off!”

But…what if you’re THAT toxic bitch?

What if you’re even toxic to yourself?

How can you spot this about yourself?

How to know if you’re toxic to others and yourself?

1. Your base frequency is fear and negativity.

You’re afraid of everything.

You think of the worst things that can happen in life, before the best things.

If this is you, watch yourself…

Photo by hannah grace on Unsplash
  1. You need to be consistent with your writing if you want to stand a chance at making good money on here.

2. Medium is a great place to connect with others, make online friends, and build community.

3. Medium can be an amazing opportunity for you to practice and improve…

Wellness Xplora

Multi-Faceted Writer, Creative, Seeker & Explorer.

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